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Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Sarah Ritchie Caring, Dealing with Loss, End of Life

Our culture has great difficulty dealing with death.  For those who’ve suffered miscarriages or the loss of a newborn, responses of friends and loved ones may seemingly minimize the overwhelming sense of grief, while professional resources are few and far between.  One service,Now I Lay me Down to Sleep, provides a shining example of real support for parents of stillborn …

Recognizing the Needs of the Dying

Sarah Ritchie Dealing with Loss, End of Life

In my opinion the American philanthropic sector is one of the most interesting parts of the non-profit landscape. With thousands of foundations marshalling billions of dollars of assets, these tax exempt organizations enjoy an autonomy allowing for innovative grantmaking for new ideas and neglected issues. American foundations have been on the cutting edge of addressing contemporary social issues of every variety, including …