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As a Celebrant and Non-Denominational Minister, I create and conduct a funeral service that is there to honor the life of the deceased and address the grief of survivors. Celebrant services are often more personal and more satisfying in aiding the grief process than a worship service can be, because celebrant services address human needs and values. Whether Non-Denominational, a Celebration of Life, or a Humanist Ceremony, I create and conduct a funeral service, without imposing a specific religious worship service onto the mourners who may be of various spiritual backgrounds.

In order to create a personal and meaningful funeral service and eulogy, I will need to interview the family members or those friends who were close to the deceased. This is best combined with a “story telling” session of memories of the deceased to gain material for the eulogy and for the option of expressing feelings and sharing memories at the service.

An Empathetic Touch

I understand the pain a family goes through and also the value of having a meaningful and helpful funeral service. Every life should be honored and the grief attached to that loss addressed. Sometimes just a casual and intimate service is the perfect solution.

A service allows the survivors to create a place for the loved one’s memory in their hearts and minds. By honoring the deceased, their spirit lives on as a constant companion as we continue living a life made richer simply by knowing them.

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