Personalized memorial services are important events that help us accept the life transition we experience when someone we love has passed away. By publicly declaring important milestones in our lives, we give the moment a place of honor. Another memorial choice could be the Living Memorial, facilitating ceremonies for terminal people who wish to do something before the end of life.

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It’s important to have a ceremony that respects the spiritual values of the person being honored, as well as his or her loved ones. A meaningful ceremony confirms the magnitude of our loved one’s life and the relationship we have shared.

In mixed-faith families, or for families with no religious affiliation, a Life Tribute with a non-religious memorial service can be an excellent option. Some services are spiritual and others are a more secular celebration. No matter what you believe, our actions in life can influence others long after we pass away, and so we all do carry on in some way and should be remembered.

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I can conduct a Memorial Celebrant Service in the privacy of your home, or at your preferred other location. I work both with people who pre-arrange or with families who experience a sudden loss. Together we will create a special event that commemorates the person, the life and the love of one’s family.


Some Suggestions for Remembrance:

  • Talk about how it felt to be part of his/her life
  • Present personal photos or memorabilia
  • Create a personal memorial folder
  • Personalize tributes
  • Host a reception
  • Share with others during the service
  • Do a candle lighting service
  • Share a personal eulogy
  • Dedicate a reading or poem
  • Select special music
  • Play or perform the selected music

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